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Llibertat Arrencada (Ripped out Freedom)

Sweden, 2019

Material: Catalan monolingual dictionary, noticeboard display with lock and key, staples.

The page from the Catalan language dictionary containing the definition of the word Freedom (Llibertat) has been ripped out, harshly stapled and locked in a noticeboard display that has no longer a functional key.

The dysfunctional key is displaced in a specific page, pointing a word (keyword) that can be related to freedom or the lack of it. 

The following pictures of the work are from the group exhibition 'DEMOCRACY UNDER SIEGE' in Gallery Duerr (Stockholm), during August 2019. (Pictures by Gallery Duerr)

More information about the exhibition, click here.


In Vila Web by Clara Ardévol

In Aftonbladet by Ulrika Stahre

In Swedish Public Radio by Beatrice Janzon

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