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Peep Art Show

Linnéstadens Library. Gothenburg. Sweden. March 2019

Material: perforated pink vinyl on window.

Linnéstadens Bibliotek was interesting for me because all the big windows around the library’s area. The people who work or study in front of them, or in the group work rooms, are in a very exposed situation. Who is the observer? Who is more exposed? Which is in the position of control?

Who has the power?


With 'Peep Art Show' I decided to cover up the window of one of the group rooms with a pink perforated vinyl. By doing that, I wanted to make the user in the room consider the fact that they might be observed and also that they can, as well, observe the outside without being noticed. Since the people using the room were the active subject of my work, I consider them part of the piece.


The vinyl had multiple perforations which activates and displaces gaze directions between the people who are in the spaces that the window delimits.


The vivid color was very noticeable and helped to attract the walkers, especially for those who are familiar with the library and the neighbourhood.

This simple but sharp intervention succeeds to activate bodies on both side windows and questions of privacy, power and desire in public space are made visible.

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