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The Excluded

Sweden. 2018

Material: Site specific sculpture. Shelf, plastic and objects borrowed from the 'Industry Museum of Gislaved' archive.

In Gislaved Industry Museum there is a hidden zone with the objects not included in the permanent exhibition area. The objects are storaged, organized and classified in shelves that are covered by a plastic to protect them from dust. 


The project consists in moving a shelf and some selected objects to the Gallery space. By moving them to the gallery, they regain they original purpose: to be exposed and to be included into an exhibition. By leaving the plastic on, they remain unreachable to the public. The plastic layer offers a new view and approach to the objects, giving them another dimension.


The project wants to observe how delocation provides a new narrative to the exposed objects that supposed to be seen in another context. The shelf becomes a canvas for blurry images that provides forms and colours. Do the objects need to be seen separately? Or in a group? What kind of sensations and emotions arose when you cannot see properly what is in front of you, when you cannot reach information?

-First picture by Gislaveds Konsthall/ Nils Svensk.-

Read a review by Sara Arvidsson, published in 'Värnamo Nyheter' here (in Swedish). 

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