Mireia Rocher. Barcelona, 1978. Since 2012, living in Sweden.

Art Work

I am a storyteller.


In my personal life it is important to have space to write short stories, poetry, practice free writing and read. My background in linguistics has definitely affected my artistic approach: through writing, performance and installation I explain stories that I find in ordinary life. I choose simple, everyday materials to address themes such as absence and lack of communication.

Upcoming Exhibitions

Group exhibition in Konstepidemin Gallery. April 2020. Gothenburg. (Cancelled because of Corona).

Recent Exhibitions in Sweden


Group exhibition 'Väntrummet' presenting 'My name is Fejka'. 25 October-11 November. 2019. Botanical Garden. Gothenburg.

'GIFC & Velvet Ropes' group exhibition in NEVVEN Gallery, 12-13 October 2019. Gothenburg. 

'Democracy Under Siege', presenting 'Llibertat Arrencada' (Ripped out Freedom). Group exhibition in Gallery Duerr, Stockholm. August 22-September 22, 2019

'Målargrupp Utställning'. The Painting Assembly Group Exhibition. Presenting 'The Fake Painter Serie'. In Gerlesborg Gallery. 1st-25 May. Gerlesborg.

'Vårsalongen 2019' in Liljevalchs. Stockholm. 25th January-24th of March. More info here.


'Peep Art Show'. Group exhibition 'The Artist is not Present. Going Public'. Intervention in Linné Library. Gothenburg. 21th of March.

'Målargrupp Utställning'. The Painting Assembly Group Exhibition. Presenting 'The Fake Painter Serie'. In Rotor Gallery. 22-25 February. Gothenburg.


'The End of Love. Fragments'. Solo exhibition. Gallery Monitor. Gothenburg. October 2018.

'Misplaced Concrete Sculpture' in Kjerringøy Land Art Biennale. Norway. August 2018.

‘The Excluded’. Gislaveds Art Gallery. Group exhibition. Gislaved. May 2018.


‘Communication Break-Down’. Group exhibition. Galleri Rotor 2. Gothenburg.

‘The Non-Functional Library’. Solo performance. Stockholm Public Library.

‘Transfer’. Group exhibition in Botanical Garden. Gothenburg.

‘Transició(n)’. Solo performance. HDK Library. Gothenburg.

‘Landscape 10/18′. Group exhibition. Gothenburg Public Library.

‘Love is in the air’. Group exhibition. Gerlesborgskolan. Gerlesborg.

‘When you talk to me’. Group exhibition. Solhem Art Gallery. Rabbalshede.


Participating in Kjerringøy Land Art Biennale (Norway). August 2018. More info about the biennale.


Fine Arts Bachelor Program. Valand Academy. University of Gothenburg. Sweden.

Basic University Training in Fine Arts. Gerlesborgsskolan. Sweden.

Advanced Training Cycle in Plastic Arts and Design. Escola Llotja. Barcelona.

Bachelor’s Degree in French Studies. Autonomous University of Barcelona. 


About Vårsalongen 2019 Liljevalchs and '180 books in Swedish (...)'

Review in 'Dagens Nyheter' newspaper by Ingela Lind, (Pdf in a new tab)

Review in 'Göteborg Posten' newspaper by Magdalena Ljung. (Pdf in a new tab)

Review in 'Om Konst' art critique digital site, by Niels Hebert.(Opens in a new tab)

News in 'Östermalm Direkt' by Patrik Wirén. (Opens in a new tab).



News in 'Spionen' by Henrik Björck Wigartz. About 'Väntrummet' exhibition. October 2019

News in 'Aftonbladet' by Ulrika Stahre about 'Democracy Under Siege' show. September 2019

News in Sveriges Radio by Beatrice Janzon. About 'Democracy Under Siege' exhibition. September 2019

News in VilaWeb by Clara Ardévol. About 'Democracy Under Siege' exhibition. August 2019

Review in 'Värnamo Nyheter' by Sara Arvidsson about 'Now Here' exhibition. May 2018.

News in 'Göteborg Posten' about 'Spiran' exhibition by Eleonor Ekström. September 2017.


'Adlerbertska Scholarship Foundation'. Sweden, 2019

'Adlerbertska Scholarship Foundation'. Sweden, 2018


Mentor assistant in Gerlesborgsskolan (Gerlesborg School of Fine Art)

Member of The Swedish Artists’ Association (Konstnärernas Riksorganisation)



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