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Open Heart

Sweden. 2017

Project including a 4 days performance and a sculpture.

Performance material: organic heart, plastic bag.

Sculpture material: 20x20x20 cm concrete, organic heart.

In this work I explored the end of love, the end of a romantic relationship and the feelings arising from that event: vulnerability, fragility, being exposed.


During the performance, I carried a heart in a transparent plastic bag in my everyday life: 24 hours a day for 4 days. After those days, when it was clear that the relationship was over, I needed closure. To protect and isolate myself; I buried the heart in a concrete cube.


What triggered this work was the end of a specific relationship. However, after a few hours performing, I realised that it was a wider reflection on all my past romantic relationships. I began to observe and reflect deeply upon my love stories. When did they start? How did they develop? Or, why didn't they evolve? Why these people and not others? The dating world, romantic love, intimacy, patterns, repetition, expectation and hopes, leaving or being left, projections, celibacy and desire...

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