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Self-portrait of Friction

2022- Ongoing

The project presents a counterpart of my collage work with sandpaper. I sand places and people who have somehow left a mark in my life or which I long to be marked by. Sandpapering, for example, a wall at the Museum of Modern Art because I want to be part of it, my first apartment in Sweden or the skin of a loved one on a coarse paper. This ongoing intervention is a way to both leave traces and collect traces. To provoke friction and engagement.


The used sandpaper is the physical evidence of an experience or feeling related to a space or a person. When I talk about friction, it is not just a physical contact but an interaction on different levels – if there is friction, there is growth, evolution, there is energy and change.


As part of the process, the meeting is documented in a book with a text regarding the person, animal or place. The texts, placed randomly in the notebook, become a nonlinear story to connect the events that made me sit here writing. The book-covers have sandpaper on which passively collect samples from all the readers, making them become a part of the self-portrait.

Documentation of all the samples collected until August 2022 as a collage on the wall in my solo show at Gallery Duerr Stockholm. More information about the show here.

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